Friday, August 8, 2008

Goin' Hog Wild

Our last night in the Production kitchen, none of us wanted to leave Chef Janet. We learned a lot in a short amount of time and produced lots of tasty treats to bring home. Chef carted out the rest of the charcuterie items we had made including smoked bacon, Italian pancetta, foie gras, bratwurst and choriço.

I was laden down with more pork products then I knew what to do with – but everything freezes well so I took my share. The next morning, I cooked off some of that bacon with eggs and toast – my refrigerator is looking more and more chef-like with quart containers of stock, sauces and purées and meats wrapped in parchment and plastic wrap. All kinds of goodness created by our hands under the watchful eye of a truly wonderful Chef.

On to the Family Meal kitchen where we make dinner for the lower level students in culinary and pastry classes, kitchen staff and students that work in L’École. We roughly prepare enough for about 150 servings of a protein, starch and vegetable. Our last rotation in Level IV with our next stop into the kitchens of L’Ecole.

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