Friday, March 6, 2009

Life after culinary school

Is there life after culinary school? As the days and weeks passed after graduation I mourned the passing of a wonderful experience. What was I to do now with my newly acquired skills? I knew that I would go back to work full-time at my marketing job and that I would somehow find a way to work in the food industry in some capacity.

Soon after graduation, I received requests to come back to FCI to judge midterms. Also, fellow culinary colleagues asked for my help on catering jobs that they’ve secured. It was good practice and a nice reminder to get back into the kitchen.

I missed blogging to be honest, and I’ve had some good food stories and experiences that I’d love to share since my last posting. The question remains what to do with Yes, the culinary school experience is over however, what’s next could be as entertaining and as interesting to those that have followed me.

I’m thinking of expanding the blog and reinventing it to become “A Day in the Life of a New York City Foodie,” what other city’s food scene is more vibrant? So much is going on in food and drink in NY and I’d love to capture it.

Please join me on the continuation of a journey into food, read about the latest restaurant experiences, newest foods, trends, hidden gems and life through the eyes of a Chef. As always, thank you for your interest and support.

Yours truly,

Chef Anthony