Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My first day in the kitchen

Well, not literally, I've been in a kitchen before...tonight is my first evening of classes at The French Culinary Institute. Nervous? yes! Excited, yes!

I've been through orientation, met some of my fellow classmates and reviewed the lesson plan for tonight. I'll have more to report tomorrow. I've ironed my uniform, jacket, pants, hat, neckerchief, apron and dish cloths. I've got these great chef shoes - black Dansko clogs - so comfortable!!

Ok I gotta leave my day job and become a student once again - hmm, last time I was an official student was 1992 - a little ways back.
I'm ready for the challenge - bring it on baby!


1 comment:

Michel said...

You're so neat Agnes, you and your orthopedic Oxford's !